What Does a Commercial General Contractor Do?

what is a general contractor

What Does a Commercial General Contractor Do?

About to embark on a construction project? Whether it’s a medical building or retail space, you’ll likely need to hire a commercial general contractor.

But what is a GC and what do they do? We’ve broken down their job and why you need one below. Read on for more.

What is a Commercial General Contractor?

A commercial general contractor will oversee the entirety of construction from start to finish. Basically, they will be in charge of managing all phases of construction. These areas can range from permitting to build-out, including plumbing and electrical.

They’ll lead the team of construction workers and trade professionals, as well as serve as a go-between when it comes to communicating with any other vendors like interior designers or landscape architects throughout the process.


Before the project begins, the general contractor will visit the site and make recommendations and plans for the scope of work. They will give a cost estimate (or bid) to the property owner and then break that overall cost down even further to determine the cost of materials, labor and even the equipment necessary for the project.

The contractor will then draw up contracts which account for the work of everyone involved. It’s their job to ensure that the estimate they provide aligns with the goals of the property owner and specifications provided by the architect and engineers.


The general contractor provides all construction workers and other employees with the necessary materials and equipment in order to begin and complete the project. This ranges from ordering materials such as building supplies to floors and finishes.

The commercial general contractor will work with vendors who supply the materials they’re looking for and find the best price.

They’ll be the liaison between engineers, architects, and the property owner to ensure the project remains on time and on budget.


After the plan and design have been finalized, it will be up to the commercial general contractor to find subcontractors who specialize in a particular area, roofing to flooring and everything in between.

The commercial GC will make recommendations of companies they know, trust and have worked with before. All materials, prices, and processes should be thoroughly vetted before offering options to the building owner.


Aside from managing the materials and hiring the subcontractors, the general contractor will be responsible for keeping the project on budget and on time.

They will keep all records up to date. They will keep the paper trail from various vendors in order. They will even be responsible for organizing the clean up of any waste left at the site once the job is complete.

Get Your Project Started Today

Now that we’ve given you an answer to the question, “what is a commercial general contractor”, you can start making plans for your next construction project today.

Whether it’s building a retail center or updating your hotel lobby, you can’t go wrong having a general contractor in charge.

The team at Image Builders would love to help realize your vision. Contact us today with any questions and be sure to check out our site for more information.

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