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General Contractor Denver

Image Builders Commercial Contractors – Denver, Colorado

Under the title of general contractor comes a long list of descriptors. But here’s what it all comes down to – being a trustworthy team member that not only does quality work but ensures that everyone else involved in the project also brings their A-game. We deftly manage construction projects so that:

  • You can have complete peace of mind and confidence that your job will remain on schedule and within budget, and you will be ecstatic about the final product.
  • Our premier and hand-picked subcontractors can be confident that the job will be supervised by a licensed general contractor that values safety and transparency.

At Image Builders, it’s our philosophy that if everyone understands and respects the parameters of the project, we can all play to our strengths and focus on achieving the client’s goals.

As Your General Contractor, We Can Take on Any Role

By choosing Image Builders, you’re getting talented, versatile professionals that can service your job according to your preferences and the requirements of the project. Let’s break down these roles:

General Construction

If you need commercial construction work managed efficiently and effectively, we are the only general contractors you need to call. We believe that successful construction projects require open and honest communication on both sides so that all issues are proactively resolved and project goals are achieved without time delays or budget overruns.

Construction Management

For larger scale projects, we can take the reins from concept to completion. The team at Image Builders is comfortable collaborating with owners, architects, and engineers and taking a team approach to each project. In our experience, we’ve found that this method is a great way to eliminate costly mistakes and miscommunication, thus enhancing project profitability and delivering the final product in record time.

Owner’s Representative

Image Builders can also act as an owner’s representative. We bring management experience, knowledge and skill to each phase of the construction project to help owners maximize their investment. With our attention to the feasibility, concept design and detailed design phases prior to starting construction, you can rest assured that the project is starting off on the right foot.

Most importantly, by getting involved early and taking on this important role, we’re able to provide the owner with equal footing during negotiations, bidding and construction. Image Builders can also:

  • Prevent overruns by accurately identifying the job scope at the outset which allows us to keep the project within the stated budget and on-schedule
  • Act as an interpreter, translating industry jargon, specs and drawings into straightforward terms and enabling the owner make informed decisions
  • Protect your best interests by hiring properly, budgeting precisely, facilitating communications and providing expert insight at every step