Hospitality Construction

Hotel Construction: Renovations, Additions & New Builds

Image Builders, Commercial Contractors – Denver, Colorado

Hotel construction requires deftly balancing an attractive front of house with an efficient, back of house operation. The final product needs to provide guests with plenty of wow factor and a unique experience that drives repeat bookings. And it must help maximize your average daily rates and annual revenue.

Achieving these goals can quickly lead to cost and time overruns, so it’s important to choose a team like Image Builders to take on your next hotel construction project. Whether you plan to renovate, add new rooms to an existing property or build a new location from the ground up, we’ll control the budget and steer your project from start to a successful finish.

SPRUCE IT UP: Lobby, Corridor and Guest Room Renovations

Take any high-traffic guest area from outdated to contemporary with the hotel construction knowledge and skill of Image Builders. Our experience includes being chosen by the owners of seven, extended stay hotel suites in the Denver metro and Colorado Springs areas.

As the exclusive contractor for widespread renovations at these hotels, we updated the existing lobbies, added new reception areas, new business centers, even market centers with product vending areas.

EXPAND YOUR SPACE: Additions and All-New Construction

If business is strong and you’re looking to add more rooms, you’ll typically look at either expanding your current property or constructing a new location. No matter what you decide, Image Builders can help.

We’ve built additions for hotels and completed new hotel construction projects. We specialize in ensuring the least amount of disruption to guests and daily operations, as well as completing expansions on-time so that you can start bringing in a return on your investment.

HONOR THE PAST: Compliant Historic Renovations

If you want to bring an old building into the modern era without running into issues with local Historical Societies, give us a call. Image Builders will keep you in compliance with their strict parameters while delivering the amenities today’s hotel guests expect and deserve.

In a previous hotel construction project, we were even able to complete renovations within the confines of the original, historical floor plan while updating the building to code and adding luxurious features:

  • Underpinning the foundation
  • Strengthening the roof framing
  • Tuckpointing all exterior stone
  • Restoring the original windows
  • Installing hydronic, in-floor heat
  • Building ADA compliant bathrooms
  • Constructing a new, modern kitchen
  • Drywall, wood floor refinishing, lighting and paint