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General contractor

Reasons to outsource your construction management

So, you plan to renovate your retail stores but have no prior experience in commercial construction or renovation. Do you manage the project on your own or outsource it to experts? While the former can save you some initial costs, it can cost you more in the long run as you’re more likely to make…
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Building commercial property in Denver

Renovating your new business location? Hire a general contractor!

If your business has recently moved locations and wants to renovate the new space, you might want to consider hiring a general contractor. General contractors can manage your renovation project, ensuring it’s completed on time and within your budget. Additionally, they handle most of the workload, allowing you to focus on other essential aspects of…
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Commercial property builder

Taking the past into the future

For commercial property, such as a hotel, shop, or restaurant, it’s often a tricky task to future-proof a historic building. There are renovations you’d like to make without changing the overall aspect; and you’re fully aware that such actions have to comply with a raft of regulations. Yet, much can be done for more traditional…
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I need to hire a general contractor

Commercial construction is more than hiring a contractor

Commercial construction involves a lot of aspects, from planning and designing to execution. And, only a skilled and experienced commercial construction contractor can perform the job correctly the first time. Hiring any company that claims to perform commercial construction can result in costly mistakes that take more time and money to resolve. Instead, you should…
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Commercial property general contractor

How malls are changing during the pandemic

American malls are going through drastic changes because of the pandemic. Before social distancing, traditional mall spaces were already losing retailers to online stores and home delivery. Plenty of decades-old established brands were closing brick-and-mortar sites and filing for bankruptcy. The coronavirus has worsened these problems. Mall owners need fresh ideas for refilling empty spaces.…
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Need a commercial construction general contractor

How to get through commercial construction like a pro

Many people think that getting any commercial construction contractor to work with is enough to get their projects completed. But in reality, it’s just a small part of a big equation. Getting the project started is one thing but seeing it through to completion is another. The entire process can be overwhelming. It requires intense…
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General contractor

Three great reasons for appointing an Owner’s Representative for your project

Such an appointment brings vital management expertise and a raft of important benefits. Here are just three: An Owner’s Representative can keep you fully informed throughout and can speak your language rather than use all the in-job jargon that can make the simple seem so complex! Hire using their experience to make wise personnel choices…
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Medical building construction

Creating medical facilities for the new normal

Past experience is always a useful starting point when considering your choice of commercial contracting service for a new or expanding medical facility. However, your choice now is also likely to fall on those who appreciate that past measures might not be satisfactory in the current climate. The creation of new, or the expansion of…
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Commercial construction general contractor

4 great reasons to renovate your retail store

Renovating your retail store may seem like a wrong move because of loss in productivity and high renovation costs. However, every retail store will require renovation at some point to improve sales. Retail store renovation is not only a huge investment that offers big returns, but it also increases customer satisfaction. Here are four reasons…
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retail building construction

What you need to know about tenant improvements

As a tenant, understanding tenant improvements can be challenging because leasing terms vary. Additionally, each type of real estate contract provides a range of opportunities to change paint, update appliances, or build onto a structure. Therefore, before calling your commercial construction contractor, you need to understand your tenant improvement allowance (TIA). This is the money…
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Chimerical construction company

Retail renovation in a changed world

It’s incredible, and for many companies, quite frightening, how much their business environment has altered in the few months since the pandemic first reared its head. This means that changes and renovations have to be made to many retail locations, and different requirements built into any additions or new builds. Our Image Builders team appreciate…
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DIY tenant improvements: why it’s a bad idea

As a property owner, it can be tempting to DIY tenant improvements to configure your space for the needs of your client. However, a lot goes into tenant improvement construction, including planning, design, and construction cost estimation. And, if you’re new to construction, getting all these aspects right can be difficult and overwhelming. Your likelihood…
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