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4 great reasons to renovate your retail store

Renovating your retail store may seem like a wrong move because of loss in productivity and high renovation costs. However, every retail store will require renovation at some point to improve sales. Retail store renovation is not only a huge investment that offers big returns, but it also increases customer satisfaction. Here are four reasons…
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What you need to know about tenant improvements

As a tenant, understanding tenant improvements can be challenging because leasing terms vary. Additionally, each type of real estate contract provides a range of opportunities to change paint, update appliances, or build onto a structure. Therefore, before calling your commercial construction contractor, you need to understand your tenant improvement allowance (TIA). This is the money…
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Retail renovation in a changed world

It’s incredible, and for many companies, quite frightening, how much their business environment has altered in the few months since the pandemic first reared its head. This means that changes and renovations have to be made to many retail locations, and different requirements built into any additions or new builds. Our Image Builders team appreciate…
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DIY tenant improvements: why it’s a bad idea

As a property owner, it can be tempting to DIY tenant improvements to configure your space for the needs of your client. However, a lot goes into tenant improvement construction, including planning, design, and construction cost estimation. And, if you’re new to construction, getting all these aspects right can be difficult and overwhelming. Your likelihood…
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Why you should consult a general contractor before buying property

Buying a new commercial building can be overwhelming. Additionally, if you want to renovate it, or add onto it, having an accurate budget for the construction costs is essential. However, before making your offer, it’s wise to consult with a general contractor. A general contractor can create an accurate construction budget for you to help…
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Types of retail store layouts

What do you want your store to look like? This is a question your commercial construction contractor will ask during your retail store renovation. Here are three retail store layouts you can consider. Grid layout This layout design consists of long rows at right angles, allowing customers to circulate up and down through the fixtures.…
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Time for a trip into space?

Not in the way that some entrepreneurs are suggesting, by rocket. We’re referring to considerations regarding the space requirements of any retail, medical, or hospitality renovation project. When planning any new builds or current renovations, it makes sense to pay specific attention to the expectation’s users may have in the future for the space allocated…
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3 tips for a successful retail construction project

Retail construction is an expensive investment that needs to be done right the first time. Whether you want to build a new retail store or plan to renovate your old commercial building, it’s vital to take the necessary steps to ensure the success of your project. Here are some tips that can help you achieve…
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A good time to renovate your hotel

Sadly, it seems as if travel away from home, whether for business or pleasure, might be severely restricted for a considerable period. We know that normal life will return, somewhere in the future, and businesses are already starting to plan for this. Might this be the time to undertake those hotel renovations, major or not…
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Denver Commercial Construction Trends Witnessed So Far

Commercial construction contractors must keep up with the latest trends to stay ahead of the competition and to satisfy the ever-rising customer expectations. Although the latest statistics show the industry is booming, the rising construction costs, new regulations, and labor shortages leave no room for error and waste. Many commercial construction contractors are harnessing these…
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Interior medical build-outs, putting the pieces together

Putting together a medical interior build-out can be likened to the piecing together of a jigsaw. There are a wide variety of pieces that need to come together to provide an effective picture. Such pieces can include the varying needs of the medical staff who will work there, be it doctors, nurses or other support…
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Things to look for in a commercial construction company

If you have a one-off or ongoing construction project, choosing a quality company is key to a successful and smooth outcome. However, for you to find an expert contractor, they are various things you should pay close attention to: The firm’s track record and previous experiences with other customers from their online reviews. The reliability…
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