Three types of commercial excavation

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Three types of commercial excavation

There are several types of commercial excavation, including stripping, channel, muck, rock, topsoil, dredge, and more. Here are three of the most commonly performed types of excavation throughout the United States:

  1. Earth. Excavating earth means removing deep soil, beyond the topsoil, in order to level and prepare for something else like a foundation or deep supports.
  2. Drainage. Water needs to be delivered to specific areas and away from other areas in most communities. Engineers and planners know where and how to direct it, and drainage excavation takes place to steer water away from infrastructure, for example, and toward a drainage area or ditch.
  3. Footing. Buildings, bridges, tunnels, and other structures need extreme support. Footing excavation creates a sound foundation for these elements, so they remain solid and stable, and less prone to shifting or sinking.

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