How malls are changing during the pandemic

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How malls are changing during the pandemic

American malls are going through drastic changes because of the pandemic. Before social distancing, traditional mall spaces were already losing retailers to online stores and home delivery. Plenty of decades-old established brands were closing brick-and-mortar sites and filing for bankruptcy. The coronavirus has worsened these problems. Mall owners need fresh ideas for refilling empty spaces.

Consider the following two ways you can re-imagine and convert a mall:

  • Healthcare: Medical practitioners in many healthcare fields are starting to transition away from standalone offices in remote areas to mall offices that make it easier for patients to manage and keep appointments and perform their grocery or other shopping in one trip. This concept previously took hold in the minds of consumers when prescription eyeglass offices popped up in big box stores.
  • Academic: Some counties across the country can’t afford to tear down existing school buildings to replace them with brand new ones updated to meet the needs of students during rapidly-changing times. Most malls have strong structural frameworks, modern existing communication systems, and enough space to serve as wise traditional school alternatives. Converting stores into classrooms is less costly and time-consuming than other options.

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